Diving into the World of Open Source


Who am I?

Hey there, before saying anything, let me introduce myself. I’m Muhammad Wasif, a 17 years old student from Pakistan. I started coding about two years ago. I taught myself front end web development with React. I also have a knowledge of React Native, Firebase and Docker. To know more about me, you can visit my portfolio at https://wasif.codes

Now, it’s one of the most important time of my life as I’m taking part in Google Code-in. So, let me explain you everything.

How I came to know about Google Code-in?

Let’s start over! I was searching about some coding competitions on Google for students and found google code-in. I got to know  about it when I explored the GCI site. GCI offers different tasks  including coding, documentation, research and design. It was late January 2019 when I came to know about Google Code-in. For a little bit of more research, I got to know that it starts in the November or December. Then, I started waiting for google code-in to start.

My Open Source Journey

I used to program before but didn’t know about open source. Because of GCI, I got to know what open source is and how it works? I’m starting my open source journey with google code-in and I hope I’ll learn more and more from open source community. I’m just diving in open source community and I hope that it will be awesome to learn from others and to contribute in the world. Now, Google Code-in has started and I hope to learn more from this platform.

Also, I’ve installed some open source software on my system. The one I mostly use is VS Code. I’ve also downloaded some projects of developers from my country.

For interacting with people all over the world, I use Slack and Gitter the most. Gitter is best tool for chatting with members of an organization. You can sign up for gitter using your GitHub or GitLab account.

Journey with FOSSASIA

I searched a lot about some amazing open source organizations. All of the organizations in GCI awesome were but FOSSASIA suited me the most. The reason is that FOSSASIA has some cool projects for web, React and such other technologies that I know before. So, I’ve decided to work with FOSSASIA in order to start my open source journey. I think, using my skills I can help FOSSASIA grow its websites. And in return, of course, I’ll get an amazing community of professional developers and a chance to learn from such awesome mentors in the organization. FOSSASIA is a very large and supportive organization. It is good enough for student developers.

I want to grow my expertise in Python Back End Development and in React too. So, FOSSASIA’s projects can help me achieve my goal!

Here’s FOSSASIA’s Official Website.

You can also become a member by contributing in the repo that inspires you

Upcoming Days of Code-in

As, I’ve enrolled in google code-in, I hope I will learn a lot from the world’s best organization along with world’s best mentors. I hope this open source journey that is starting with Google Code-in and FOSSASIA will be amazing!

If you’re a student of age between 13 to 17, you can also take part by joining! Visit Google Code-in official website

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