Interview with a Teacher about Google Code-In

Hey there!

I just interviewed my computer science teacher. In this interview, we are talking about Google Code-in and one of the leading open source organization FOSSASIA. So, without wasting time, here we go!

Me: Hello sir! Would you like to give a brief introduction of yourself.

Teacher: Yeah, sure! I’m Saad Baig from Punjab College of Science. I teach computer science here! I’m from Gujrat, Punjab. I’ve also been working on Web and Mobile Development from past 5 year.

Me: Do you know about Google Code-in? If yes then how?

Teacher: Yes, I do! Google Code-in is a competition for students of age 13 to 17. This competition is sponsored by Google. I got to know about Google Code-in from Google Open Source Blog. I highly recommend my student to take part in this competition.

Me: Do you know anything about FOSSASIA?

Teacher: Yes! FOSSASIA is one of the biggest open source organization around the world. It has many projects related to android development as well as web development. One of the best things of FOSSASIA is that it provides Internships to university students to grow their experience and learn better.

Me: Okay! Thank you for such a nice talk. Would you like to say anything to students participating in competition?

Teacher: Just play fair. Win or lose, doesn’t matter. Try learning more and more!

I hope you liked a little talk. Here are the necessary links you would like to visit:




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